What we do

Culinary Experiences

Want a taste of what the experts love? These are the wines endorsed by Brahm.

Corporate wine tasting

Trying new wines should be a tasting experience. We offer corporate wine tastings with a difference – by including unique pairings of salt as well as sweet and savoury canapés. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a small function, our service is guaranteed to be a tasting experience.

Prices starting at R150 per person.

In home cooking

Hosting an in-home cooking party is an event to remember. You will be able to enjoy your function with your guests without the hassle of worrying about the menu and preparing something special. No need to worry about your guests and whether everyone is settled and has something to drink. Not to mention the added benefit of enjoying a fine dining menu with wine pairing in the comfort of your own home.

Our in-home cooking events are versatile and caters for different pairing menus and courses suitable to your needs.

Prices starting at R350 per person.